Mud Master

Nothing Tougher

Want to prove just how tough you are?

By completing 3 different Mud Runner events in a 12 month period you will join the elite few and become a Mud Master.

On completing Icebreaker Winter Duathlon, Oblivion and the Classic within 12 months (doesn’t have to be in that order!) you will receive the much coveted Mud Master hoodie so you can show off to your friends about just how tough you are! Please note that the new race in the series Icebreaker 10 does not count towards Mud Master status you must complete the duathlon.

Please note as of end October 2015 the Mud Master hoodie series will be coming to an end due to the cancellation of Icebreaker in 2016. You can still gain your Mud Master hoodie at Oblivion 2015 if you completed Classic 2014, Icebreaker Duathlon 2015 and then Oblivion 2015. Or you can gain your hoodie at Classic 2015 if you completed the Icebreaker Duathlon in Feb 2015, Oblivion 2015 and then Classic. 

Mud Masters also run with different colour race numbers to distinguish you from the field.

You must complete the 3 different races in the Mud Runner series – so completing both races on the Saturday and Sunday at the Oblivion Dirty Weekend only counts as one event, not two!

You will receive your mean black hoodie after the race, on completing your 3rd in 12 months. Go for your Grade 1 hoodie first, repeat the same again and you’ll receive your Grade 2 etc even if you have to finish with no shoes, and you arrive filthy and broken.. the effort will have been worth it.